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Radar Reflectors

Radar reflectors are used to help improve the reflection of radio waves to in turn improve the signature that appears on radar screens. We stock basic models such as the Plastimo Tubular Radar Reflector through to the high end Echomax Active X-Band Active Radar Reflector. You’re sure to find a reflector to suit your needs and budget. You may also like to view our strobes, torches and searchlights.

  1. Mailspeed Marine Aluminium Radar Reflector

    Waveline Aluminium Radar Reflector

    RRP: £32.99
    Saving: £17.99
    A cost effective radar reflector,which gives good general coverage. Learn More
  2. Tubular Radar Reflector - Motorcraft

    Plastimo Tubular Radar Reflector - Motorcraft

    RRP: £48.99
    Saving: £30.00
    Approx 3 mile detectability in ideal conditions.

    M type (bracket mount) for motorcraft.
    S type (rigging mount) for sailing boats.
    lengths 380-590mm.
    Diameters 50 and 100mm. Learn More
  3. Inflatable Reflector

    Echomax Inflatable Reflector

    RRP: £154.00
    Saving: £30.81
    This SOLAS approved inflatable radar reflector folds down neatly into a pocket sized pouch, making it ideal for use on craft with space restrictions and is an ideal addition to a SOLAS B emergency grab bag. Learn More

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