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Childrens Lifejackets

Keep the young ones safe with our selection of childrens lifejackets. We stock lifejackets in sizes suitable for babies, toddlers and for older children. With products from leading brands such as Crewsaver, MarinePool and Ocean Safety you’re sure to find the right features, style and fit you need. You may also be interested in our collection of childrens buoyancy aids.

  1. Children's Lifejacket

    Crewsaver Children's Lifejacket

    RRP: £90.95
    Saving: £49.96
    100n permanent foam buoyancy. Additional 50n oral inflated bladder, Built in Safety Harness, Front Zip Opening, Crotch/thigh straps. Comfortable for wearing at all times.
    Lifeline not included. Learn More
  2. Spiral 100N Lifejacket

    Crewsaver Spiral 100N Lifejacket

    RRP: £45.50
    Saving: £3.50

    The Crewsaver Spiral 100N Lifejacket is available in children's and adult's sizes. It has 100N permanent buoyancy provided by super soft lightweight polyethylene foam, providing comfort alongside reassurance and security. The children's version has extra buoyancy in the collar to support the head.

    Learn More
  3. Crewsaver Supersafe 150N Air Foam Lifejacket - Baby/Child

    Crewsaver Supersafe 150N Air Foam Lifejacket

    RRP: £74.95
    Saving: £27.96
    The Supersafe Air & Foam is one of the only children's & baby lifejacket available on the market designed and suitable for ocean, offshore and costal use. Integral design features significantly advance the lifejackets performance and comfort levels including a faster spin time and increased mouth free board (distance from the water) should the wearer fall into the water. Comes sized for babies, children and juniors. Learn More

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