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Life Raft Accessories

You’ve got your life raft, but have you got all your essential life raft accessories or grab bags? Here at Watersport Safety we offer an assortment of accessories for your life raft such as Ocean Safety Food Rations, Fishing Kits and Thermal Protective Aids. You may also be interested in our wide range of life rafts too.

  1. Liferaft Fishing Kit

    Ocean Safety Liferaft Fishing Kit

    RRP: £6.00
    Saving: £1.70
    A simple yet effective way to catch fish in an emergency. Learn More
  2. Ocean Safety Foil Blanket

    Ocean Safety Foil Blanket

    Very good heat insulating properties and easy to use in an emergency situation. Essential for any safety pack. Learn More
  3. Liferaft Survival Manual

    Ocean Safety Liferaft Survival Manual

    RRP: £13.00
    Saving: £3.62
    An essential on board book. Packed with useful survival tipsfrom experts in marine safety. Learn More
  4. Thermal Protective Aid

    Ocean Safety Thermal Protective Aid

    • Aluminised polyester suit
    • Heat sealed seams
    • Protection down to -30ºC
    • Full USCG and MED Ship's Wheel approval
    Learn More
  5. Plastimo Aluminium Liferaft Holder

    Plastimo Aluminium Liferaft Holder

    RRP: £129.99
    Saving: £42.50
    Versatile adjustable aluminium liferaft holder manufactured by Wet line.
    Learn More
  6. Stainless Steel Universal Liferaft Cradle

    Waveline Stainless Steel Universal Liferaft Cradle

    RRP: £156.99
    Saving: £58.00
    A general purpose life raft cradle. Fits all containers. Adjustable frame size. Learn More
  7. Solar Still Inflatable

    Ocean Safety Solar Still Inflatable

    RRP: £135.95
    Saving: £27.21
    Tear open emergency solar still pack. Light and compact (260mm x 230mm x 70mm packed). The still collects and distills pure drinking water from the sea or impure water. Learn More
  8. Stainless Steel Universal Liferaft Cradle

    SeaGo Stainless Steel Universal Liferaft Cradle

    A general purpose liferaft cradle that fits all containers with an adjustable frame size. Learn More
  9. Grab Bags

    Ocean Safety Grab Bags

    RRP: £559.00
    Saving: £244.01
    Grab bags that bring your liferaft equipment up to SOLAS B Specification when used in conjunction with ORC, ISAF or ISO compliant liferafts. Learn More

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