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  1. Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe

    Ocean Safety Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe

    RRP: £189.00
    Saving: £117.04
    • Lightweight and compact replacement for traditional horseshoe lifebuoys
    • Available in single or double versions
    • Oral tube, drogue, retro tape and auto inflation system as standard
    • Weighted throwing pouch
    Learn More
  2. Fire Blanket

    Ocean Safety Fire Blanket

    RRP: £29.95
    Saving: £10.96
    These ocean safety fire blankets meet the requirements of all fire safety regulations on board.Their slim fit design allows for neat and easy mounting/storage. Learn More
  3. Deckvest Lite Lifejacket

    Spinlock Deckvest Lite Lifejacket

    RRP: £139.95
    Saving: £51.79
    The LITE is a vibrantly fresh, ultralight solution for fast boating applications where lightness and agility really matter, and where additional protection features like a built-in harness, emergency light and sprayhood are optional or not required. Learn More
  4. Fast Find 220 PLB

    McMurdo Fast Find 220 PLB

    RRP: £270.00
    Saving: £70.01
    • Designed for marine enthusiasts and adventurers
    • 6 year battery life
    • Safe stow antenna
    • Floats with buoyancy pouch (included)
    • Transmits on 406 and 121.5 MHz
    • Global emergency alerting via COSPAS-SARSAT satellites
    Learn More
  5. Gill Pro Racer Pull On Buoyancy Aid Graphite

    Gill Pro Racer Pull On Buoyancy Aid Graphite

    RRP: £55.00
    Saving: £21.90
    The Pro Racer Buoyancy Aid has been developed with minimum bulk and maximum comfort in mind. Shaped to allow full freedom of movement and fully adjustable to enable a snug streamlined fit. Learn More

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