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  1. Crotch Straps

    SeaGo Crotch Straps

    RRP: £9.99
    Saving: £1.00
    Designed to fit neatly onto any Seago lifejacket. Crotch Straps are one of the most important accessories to ensure your lifejacket works effectively. If you do not have crotch straps, it is possible for the lifejacket to float off the wearer. Learn More
  2. SeaGo Lifejacket Re-Arming Kits - 38g Manual

    SeaGo Lifejacket Re-Arming Kits

    Seago re-arming kits are genuine spares for the Seago lifejackets and ensure maximum security. Seago re-arming kits must be used to validate the Seago warranty. Learn More
  3. Safety Line - Treble Hook

    SeaGo Safety Line - Treble Hook

    A range of lines with various fitting options. Gibb safety Hook has latch to prevent accidental disconnection. Treble line enables user to re-hook without being detached from ship. Elasticated line s Learn More
  4. Stainless Steel Universal Liferaft Cradle

    SeaGo Stainless Steel Universal Liferaft Cradle

    A general purpose liferaft cradle that fits all containers with an adjustable frame size. Learn More

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